Meet Henry Liu — The Unicorn Apprentice

I found the ultimate apprentice, who exceeded all my high bars

My 1st Apprentice & Chief of Investments

First of all, I want to thank each one of you who applied for the role. I’ve received great number of applications from highly qualified candidates, and I’m happy to stay in touch with you all for potential projects / collaborations in the future.

An Impossibly High Bar For My Apprentice

After reviewing my Apprentice application some of my friends said that the combination of skills I was asking for were going to be impossible to find in one person.

I was asking for a single person with business savvy, technical skills, marketing skills, wealth management knowledge, entrepreneurial experience, who speaks multiple languages and has a passion for the blockchain. In other words, they said I was looking for a “Unicorn”.

I’m glad I stayed patient and after receiving many strong applications I decided to choose Henry Liu for a number of reasons:

  • He speaks Japanese, Chinese and English at native level, which will help me better access the world’s most active crypto communities.
  • He gained experience advising lots of startups on their business growth and community building while at Facebook for 2 years.
  • He has wealth management skills, + a back ground in finance, + entrepreneurial experience, is also deep into technology and has a passion for decentralized systems.

In short, I’m really happy to say that, Henry is the living unicorn who has the very broad set of skills I requested in the Apprentice application.

Background on Henry:

Spent 7 years in Japan, 8 years in China and 11 years in Boston.

He speaks native Chinese, Japanese & English. I’ve never encountered anyone who can converse at this level of fluency in these three languages.

Organized the largest TEDx conference in Amherst / Western Massachusetts area in 2014.

Experience in Finance at Liberty Mutual Asset Management on the international bonds team that managed $13 billion.

Experience in Marketing at Facebook as a Strategic Advisor / Account Manager for high growth e-commerce companies (Everlane, OutdoorVoices, Soylent, ClassPass and more)

Experience in entrepreneurship / founding a startup having left Facebook to build a travel community and a travel gear company.

For details, connect with him on Linkedin:

How You Can Work With Me, By Working with Henry

One of the main reasons why I decided to hire an Apprentice is to scale out my support for all projects that I’m part of now and in the future.

Henry is acting very literally an extension of me. If you are talking to Henry you are talking to me. He is hooked up into my social graph, participates in all my calls, attends my meetings, knows my core mission, and is quickly learning the highest value skills I have. He will help me advise and support these emerging blockchain companies in various fields, with the ultimate mission of achieving decentralization in every industry.

To be clear Henry is NOT my executive assistant. I have a wonderful EA that books my travel, helps me with appointments and so forth. Instead, engage Henry regarding my interest in high value items such as investment in new projects, strategic advise, introductions to partners and so forth.

The Value Henry Adds

Henry also brings in an unique perspective in marketing and community building. Many blockchain companies are highly technical and don’t emphasize enough building a network of developers and users.

He will be traveling with me to conferences and in the future, represent me in meetings and at various conferences.

If you are tackling exciting problems and disrupting legacy industries using decentralized protocols, reach out to Henry and I and tell us about what you are working on.

While we won’t have the time to help everyone, we are going to select the top projects each year and offer them financial support and work hard with these teams to see them achieve world changing postive impact.

You can reach out to him through

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